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Cloud Storage

A great solution for your online storage needs is pCloud. With pCloud’s robust online data storage solution in the cloud, you will have a host of features at your fingertips that allow you to safely and securely keep your files where you need them.
The great thing about pCloud is that users can access their critical files and data from virtually anywhere.
​You are no longer limited to having to connect your various devices to your computer or storage drive to retrieve what you need. Now, you can just log into your pCloud account and easily access any files you need immediately.

Work smarter

Onsite v Cloud

Granular control over data and users

Keep all of your sensitive business data in one safe place – only accessible for people you give permissions to.
Replace exchanging tons of confidential emails with pCloud's integrated file sharing platform and control every bit of data that is shared.
Optimize your work process with easy collaboration and communication between users and teams.

No need for dedicated IT department for storing your data on hard-to-manage in-house servers. pCloud does that for you, saving you time and money.
Your data is transferred to pCloud's servers via TLS/SSL protocol and is copied on at least three server locations in a highly secure ISO certified data centre in Dallas, Texas.

Organize your employees in teams and set group permissions or give individual access levels where needed.

Have all of your account activity recorded in detailed activity logs and access any previous versions of your files.

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